BApart from pipes various accessories are needed to install the drains, examples are click couplings – to connect two pipes together -, T-pieces, caps, drain bridges – to support a pipe crossing a hollow –, manholes, outlets and sloping outlets.

Outlets and sloping outlets
The outlet and the sloping outlet are two important parts of a drainage system. The outlet replaces the last part of the field drain when it reaches the side slope of the ditch. It prevents the field drain from sinking into the slope. The standard length of an outlet is 1 meter. Sloping outlets are installed in the side slope of the ditch. These sloping outlets are available in different models. It is important that the sloping outlet fits tightly in the side slope so that there is little chance of the sloping outlet becoming damaged when the ditch is cleaned.

Positioning and marking outlet
When there is a drainage system already on a neighbouring plot, it is recommended that the new field drains should be positioned opposite the already existing outlets. This is practical when the ditches are cleaned. The drains will be easily recognizable, which is an advantage if the side slope of the ditch is overgrown. Placing the drains in this way must be taken into account when initially calculating the distances. It is also possible to install longer outlets, e.g. 1,5 or 2 meters long. The location of the pipe in the ditch can be marked by driving a stake in the ground. When land is fenced off for cattle, the fence stakes can be placed near the outlet.

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